Everybody loves Tamara Madebadze’s festive voice, warm and safe, like fire in the fireplace. It is also like melted chocolate, warm early autumn and bright temperament. Elegance, magnificence, and at the same time, mischief and humor are always with her. Good rapport and unique feeling for the audiencehelped her to become a commère during the group’s shows. In childhood little Tamara was a very versatile person: she wanted to become a chemist and an inventor, and dramatic actress as well. But deep in her soul there was only one love – music. The fact that Tamara’s mother was a musician also played its role and influenced her choice. She began studying at the School of Music, won a number of musical competitions. Then she entered University of Contemporary Art, department of pop-jazz vocals.At the same time Tamara worked in various musical groups. Today she is a real diverse artist, who always brings something new and interesting to her image. Tamara loves travelling and spring, her favorite musical genres – rock, blues and jazz.

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