Anna Korolik’s genuine, warm, summer soprano always impresses with purity of sound, emotions and beauty. Is it possible for a human voice to reproduce the cool of green forests and the babble of the brook, the beauty of summer night and the fervor of the holiday? Yes, it is possible. When Anna sings. Her musical career began in childhood when she mastered folk wind instruments and piano. Then she graduated fromPerm Regional College of Arts and Culture, and afterwards, the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music. Whatever song she sings, joyful, sad or moving, the scale of feelings and emotions is her know-how. On stage Anna is miss sincerity, in life – a real mystery. One thing is absolutely clear, she is – a creative person who writes poetry and composes music. One of her songs , White River, is included in the repertoire of the art group “Soprano.”It is known that her favorite song – “Daisies hid”, and friends love her for her sensitivity and kindness.

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