• Марианна
  • 21.02.2019


What relation does choral art bear to the football World Cup? The answer to that question could be found on June 14 in the Media Centre of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Moscow.

An outside visitor might have thought that the bleachers of the Media Centre were occupied by a football team.   Short-haired young men and women in adidas T-shirts could actually pass for football players and their female fans,  and the well presented man in a business suit could pass for a couch or a sporting official.  Nonetheless, both the journalists and the audience present at the press conference knew that there were famous artistic groups led by Mikhail Turetsky,  National Artist of Russia
Most of the questions asked by the journalists at the press conference focused on the World Cup 2018 rather than on the musical activity of  Turetsky’s team. Among others, Turetsky and his artists, who had crisscrossed the country with tours several times, noted that life in Russia “got better”: for example, while hotels in the Russian regions remained far from satisfactory 20 years ago, today they demonstrate good compliance with the international standards. The maitre also commended the quality of new roads (“Russia has two misfortunes: roads and fools,” as Nikolay Karamzin, a Russian historian, said) and the level of security during the World Cup.
In the view of the artists, such events as this football championship are needed to instil “the virus of confidence and trust”. “We need people to trust us – that’s the main thing, which will make it easier to live in the world around us,” – Mikhail Turetsky states.
But how are Mikhail Turetsky and members of his choir are connected to the World Cup? In fact, no sports event is complete without a cultural component, but it turned out that this is not just a matter of habitual status of “cheerleading group”  performing songs during games. According to the Maestro, musical groups have very much in common with sports teams. The principles of organization and discipline requirements are roughly the same for athletes and musicians.
But that is not the point. Both football and music,  to quote Mikhail Turetsky, have the same ideological message, which proclaims the ideas of amity, brotherhood and integration”. For example, recently his team has toured around the world a special project “Unity Songs”. Because the Second Word War impinged upon many countries that ought not to be forgotten, as well as those who saved the world from the “brown plague”. Residents of Berlin, Vienna, Paris and Νew-York came to listen to the choir from Russia singing songs in various languages –  the success was overwhelming.
The artists believe that their art contributes to victories in sports.  A few times when the choir gave a concert before the game our team won. This was the case, for example, when they sang the song “No Coward Plays Hockey” during the hockey game in the Kremlin Palace. He and his team members are convinced that it’s all about in special energy that turns the mob in stadiums and in squares into a single whole and makes it move in one rhythm and sing together…
At the end of the press conference the stellar choir sang the anthem of the Russian Federation. The audience sang along with the choir members, and representatives of foreign mass media listened with great interest to the anthem and took videos.  When they completed the signing, they received a round of applause.

Mikhail Turetsky also reported that during the World Cup 2018 his groups will give a free concert in the fan zone at Vorobyevy Gory place in Moscow.