• Марианна
  • 04.05.2016


For the first time in the history of Formula One the Russian anthem was performed by female soloists! Artists for this honourable mission were chosen from several dozens of classical and pop stars. The choice fell on the female vocal project of Mikhail Turetsky – SOPRANO, as a collective that can sing everything from classics to rock. The girls were honoured to perform the Russian anthem before the main race of Formula One Grand Prix in Sochi. Judging by the reaction of the tribunes the bold experiment was a success. Alexei Popov, the main commentator of the royal races, mentioned in his Instagram that the original reading of the hymn was triumphant.

“We went to the start of the main race to perform the anthem of Russia with pride and excitement. In front of us we had officials and pilots, around us – the crowd that was waiting impatiently. When we started singing thousands of people joined us! “- SOPRANO soloist Olga Brovkina shared her impressions.

The artists were so inspired by what happened that they again performed the Russian national anthem in the finale of their solo concert on May 2 at the Sochi Winter Theatre.


Source: “Komsomolskaya Pravda”