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  • 21.05.2015


May holidays are the time of endless celebration and getaways to warmer places. But for the art group TURETSKY SOPRANO it is a period of active touring. However, over the five years the girls have learned to combine business with pleasure. Most recently, the team returned from Israel where they enjoyed the sun, warm sea and marvelous beaches, and also gave seven solo concerts. The artists were staying in Netanya, the city with the longest beach in the country.

As soon as they could the girls went to take in numerous holy places. “We were lucky to get to the Jordan River. Being dressed like pilgrims in white shirts we dipped ourselves three times in the holy waters, where Jesus Christ is believed to be baptized,” – says Evgeniya Fanfara.

“Everybody knows about the Jordan and baptism, the Passions of the Christ, and relics of all faiths. But when you finally find yourself in the place where these events happened and realize that everything was real, you get absolutely amazing feelings! “- said Olga Brovkina.

According to the singers the most memorable architectural monument was the Church of the Twelve Apostles. “Bright Temple with pink domes on the shore of the Sea of Galilee is a real paradise. It looks like a gingerbread house.

Among fruit trees, grapes, bananas and other plants there are peacocks, chickens, dogs and cats “- says Daria Lvova. The greatness of the historical monuments, happy faces, blue jellyfish, insanely delicious food – the band unanimously believe that it was one of the most interesting and emotionally filled concert tours in the history of the team.

And of course, SOPRANO soloist could not miss local cuisine: real vorschmack, tzimmes, cholent and even some local fast food, falafel. Some things even came out as a surprise. “One day at lunch we could not drink cappuccino because it is non-kosher,” – says Tamara Madebadze.