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“M. TURETSKY SOPRANO” is a unique Women’s Art Group organized by Mikhail Turetsky

SOPRANO is a unique Women’s art group, which was organized by Russian showman, conductor and producer, People’s Artist of Russia, Mikhail Turetsky.

The art group combines all existing female singing voices from the highest (soprano) to the lowest (mezzo). Each soloist has her own singing style: from academic to folk and pop-jazz.

All concerts are performed only live, with the artists singing in different languages (Russian, English, Italian, French, Chinese, etc.). All participants have higher professional musical and acting education.

The artists not only sing but also play different musical instruments (violin, saxophone, keyboards).The group sings a cappella and with instrumental accompaniment (piano, guitar, drums).

SOPRANO was a musical ambassador of the largest international sport events, where they had the important representative mission to sing the official anthem of Russia. For instance, performance on Formula 1 Grand Prix Russian Sochi Race, the international football matches, an annual international ice hockey tournament “The Cup of Channel One”, etc.

The art group has repeatedly presented Russia on musical projects of international importance, such as the world’s largest TV show of SPRING FESTIVAL GLOBAL GALA 2016 in Beijing. The TV audience of the Festival reached 1 billion.

The group goes on annual concert tours in Russia and abroad (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, China etc.), performs in prestigious concert halls, has recorded ten albums, made a number of music videos, and has gained people’s love and respect.