“M. TURETSKY SOPRANO” is a unique Women’s Art Group organized by Mikhail Turetsky

It took two years to complete such an exceptional project that can perform musical pieces of any complexity. Hundreds of contestants fought for the right to sing in the team. After several auditions only best of the best were left in the project. “SOPRANO” combines all existing female singing voices from the highest (soprano) to the lowest (mezzo). Each soloist has her own singing style: from academic to folk and pop-jazz. The program of every concert includes classic rock, jazz and disco, fashionable modern music and retro hits. Over the past year the team has been very successful in performing their original compositions. With new songs the girls managed to perform at the festival “Song of the Year”, “New Wave”, “Slavic Bazaar”, “Five Star”. The group goes on annual concert tours in Russia and abroad (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Israel, etc.), performs in prestigious concert halls, has recorded six albums, made a number of music videos, and has gained people’s love and respect.